What we do

Brand Identity

Every business activity is made up of its own needs, requirements, and customer base, but each of them shares a common element that puts them on the same starting point: corporate communication.

Web Design

Web sites design represents that virtual space where you can showcase your business at its best and make it known to a broad sector of the market, potentially interested, especially in recent years.

S.E.O. & Google

In marketing strategies, it is essential to grasp the distinction between two terms related to all major search engines, such as Google, which are frequently misused as synonyms.


The image is a fundamental part of communication and has the power to immediately attract attention. That's why our communication agency wants to help you create your perfect photo shoot.


With the term 'Professional Videos,' we refer to all those informative and promotional videos that, combined with video stories, increasingly represent the majority of web communication systems.

Graphic Design

DigiToo wants to be the communication agency that assists the client by creating a tailor-made project, helping them to create all the advertising material they need for the sole purpose of growing their own business.

Social Media Manager

But what does Social Network Management mean? With this word, one could say everything and nothing. Communication has now shifted from what were the "old" media (newspapers and TV) to the new media 2.0, social networks, in recent years.


Selling online, therefore, investing in the creation of an e-commerce is becoming increasingly one of the main strategies of 2.0 companies. This is done to achieve higher margins and support the traditional distribution chain.


The development of Corporate Marketing strategies often scares more as a word than as a matter of fact. We are by your side in simplifying all the steps to structure the development of marketing strategies for the best.

Why Choose DigiToo


We are a creative, multidisciplinary team always ready to propose new ideas; with passion, we create our works.


Our ideas move through a winning strategy, which is the foundation of every project, ensuring its speed.


We provide our clients with all our professionalism, commitment, and dedication to develop excellent projects.


Our strength lies in the interconnection between passion and technology. This is how we manage to make all communication areas interact.


We want to stay updated in our work so that we can always be at the forefront and propose winning ideas.


We provide continuous support to our clients, ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration from the beginning to the completion of every project.

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